So, you’re trying to find a tool for managing Facebook Ads campaigns with a Slack Bot? Great, I know one.

Slack bot for Facebook Ads

Slack bot for Facebook Ads

Here’s the thing: I work at Zalster, which is a tool for automating the optimization for your Facebook Ads campaigns. We think Slack is one of the most optimal ways for you (the advertiser) to get reports and execute certain commands for Facebook Ads.

If you want to try the Slack bot for Facebook Ads for free for 14 days, simply visit and sign up for a trial. It will definitely make it easier for you to manage (and automate) Facebook Ads.

By the way, Zalster is a Facebook Marketing Partner.

What can you do with a Slack bot for Facebook Ads?

Since a Slack bot is a great way to quickly get snapshot insights, get predictions and execute various tasks in Facebook Ads – you should simply use it to automate your day-to-day tasks with Facebook Ads.

Basically, only the sky is the limit when it comes to what you can do with the commands. Everything from managing rules, optimizations, insights and Campaign/Ad Set/Ad statistics.

To sum it up:

  • Get predictions on various metrics (spend, conversions, clicks, impressions, reach).
  • Get reports, insights and statistics for your Ad Account, Campaign, Ad Set and Ads (for various time periods).
  • Pause and start Facebook Campaigns.
  • Activate Rules and Optimizations for your Facebook Ad Sets.
  • and more!

Remember: The future isn’t manual, it’s automated.